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Travel and Transport

Ireland is served by a range of regular and comfortable surface and air services, which require advanced booking especially in the peak holiday season. In Ireland the network of buses and trains means that virtually nowhere is out of reach.

Ireland is particularly well served by major airline carriers. GoIreland.com's air reservation desk will take care of all your requirements.

Northern Ireland is well served by buses and trains. Full details of all the services provided are available on the official Northern Ireland transportation service, www.translink.co.uk

In the Republic online public transport details are more plentiful. The national bus and coach network is run by Bus Eireann.

Ireland's National Bus and Coach Network
Bus Éireann

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Ireland's National Rail System

Iarnród Éireann operates the Irish rail system

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Within the Dublin area the Dublin Area Rapid Transit is perhaps the most convenient way to travel.

DART Dublin Area Rapid Transit

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There are a number of routes into Ireland, as well as ferries that operate within the country. Those with web presence are:
Stena Line
Stena LineStena Line operating ferries and high-speed ferries between Belfast and Stranraer (Scotland), Dublin to Holyhead (Wales), Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead, Rosslare to
Fishguard (Wales).

Irish Ferries

Irish Ferries
Irish Ferries operating lines from Larne to Cairnryan (Scotland), Dublin to Holyhead (Wales) and Rosslare to Pembroke (Wales).


Aran Island Ferries
Aran Island Ferries Aran Island Ferries operate from Rossaveal in County Glaway to the Aran Islands of Inis Mór, Inis Meáin and Inis Oírr. Coach services link Rossaveal with Galway city.


P%26O European Ferrries
P%26O European Ferrries operate from Larne to Cairnryan (Scotland).


GoIreland's users are currently passing travel related information via Cúpla Focal.

Car Rental

There are a number of car hire companies operating throughout the country. It is also advisable to reserve in advance, booking becomes essential in the peak months of June to September, as well as Public Holidays. If you require an automatic car reservations are advised all year round. Reservations for car rental should be made as soon as travel arrangements are in place.

Most companies operate a pick-up and set-down arrangement, which enables the visitor to hire a car at point of entry and complete the hire at another departure point.

Why not get a free quote now. GoIreland’s rates are taken from a selection of car rental companies, we quote the most competitive one available. You will not get a more competitive rate in Ireland.
Click here to go to the Go Ireland Car Hire Section.

For distances between major Irish cities click here.


Ireland is especially attractive to the motorist because of its scenic beauty and the comparative absence of traffic on its roads. Before going on tour it is advisable to check speed limits, parking regulations, petrol prices and grades, repair and maintenance services. All rental companies will have an association with a car repair service. The staff at the GoIreland Reservation Desk will be pleased to help with these details.

The visitor is advised to take normal precautions in relation to any property which he is bringing with him and to ensure that he is parking his car in a place where it is unlikely to be broken into or vandalised.


Taxis are readily available in Irish towns; accommodation providers will often have relationship with a particular company that will mean that cabs are available at any time of day or night. Often the most effective way to get a taxi is to hail one in the streets. Expect to pay a minimum of £1 per mile travelled. All approved taxis will have roof-signs and meters.


In the major towns the visitor will often see a string of horse and traps ferrying people about. These are only recommended as a fun way to travel, a special treat. The owners are subject to regulations ensuring the health and safety of the horses, haggling is acceptable.



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